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Economy - Level II

Comprehensive high-end course on Economy to understand critical concepts.

Language: English

Instructors: Learning Space Digital

Validity Period: 365 days

₹3999 including GST

Why this course?


The course on Economy Level - II is to be followed only after completing Economy Level - I course. This is built upon the basics and primary concepts learnt through Level - I Lectures. These Level - II Lectures are intended to make each one of you understand various critical aspects pertaining to Economy, with special emphasis on the contemporary developments. Most of these aspects discussed do not appear in any of the standard economy books. Hence, these are inevitable for IAS, Group I aspirants and for all other Competitive examinations, where economy is a part. These certainly give the required competitive edge. The videos are accompanied with audio files, and downloadable PDF files.

  1. Economy Terminology - Level II (10 Modules)
  2. Economy Lectures - Level II (72 Modules)

Course Curriculum

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