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100 Concepts In International Diplomacy, Defence & Security

100 concepts, issues, and meanings in International Diplomacy, Defence & Security that every student must know. 

Language: English

Instructors: Learning Space Digital

Why this course?


To understand clearly various current affairs and editorial discussions, every student must have a precise understanding of various words, which looks simple, but they have a much deeper sense when we correlate them to contemporary events. Unless we imbibe these concepts, thoughts, and meanings  - the day-to-day understanding of various events will be hazy and leads us and our brains to get clogged. An effort has been made to explain 100 concepts, issues, and meanings that we come across in International Diplomacy, Defence & Security.

These 100 concepts and issues have been dealt with in 10 modules and are highly beneficial for all the students. In fact, these are the areas where each student must know!

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